Proactive Alliance


Proactive Alliance  is the foundation for establishing trust with business owners and the community. Using methods adapted from psychological counseling therapy concepts, officers will learn how to facilitate cooperation rather than demanding it. Proactive Alliance teaches enforcement agencies and police to work side by side with stakeholders to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.

A Safe Night Out

Strategic Planning for Nightlife & Entertainment Areas

Safe Night LLC provides state and local governments the training and strategies they need to reduce alcohol related harm and improve economic viability in nightlife and entertainment areas. 

Safe Night also provides restaurant owners and staff with a variety of training that supports unified strategic planning and can reduce liability.  


Safe Night Active Bystander

Safe Night Active Bystander sexual assault and harassment training can prevent harmful incidents from occurring. Communities that make safety a priority are more likely to thrive and be economically viable.

A one-day nightlife planning workshop is available for BIDs and Economic Development Offices.


Safe Night Online Staff Training

Safe Night LLC provides the following liability training through our online training portal:

  • Safe Night Active Bystander sexual assault and harassment training
  • "Ask For Angela" training
  • Fake identification detection
  • Criminal & Civil liability
  • Public safety expectations
  • In-house documentation
  • Signs of intoxication

We provide training to help reduce liability for both restaurant/bar staff and special events staff serving alcohol. Students can enroll online and finish the course at their own pace.

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Safe Night Training Portal

Safe Night Restaurant/Bar Staff Training


Why Choose Safe Night LLC?

We have years of knowledge and experience in identifying and developing strategies to reduce liability in the restaurant industry. Meet the professionals who will work along side of your staff to improve your business.

Our mission statement – 

“ To provide safety solutions for the restaurant industry, public safety agencies and communities.”


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