About Us

MPO Dimitrios (Jim) Mastoras


Jim Mastoras has served for over twenty years and is a Master Police Officer in Northern Virginia. He developed and implemented strategies to reduce alcohol related harm while establishing trustful relationships with restaurant owners. He also created the first restaurant accreditation program in the U.S. adapted from the Best Bar None UK model. The program focuses on best practices and law compliance for restaurants to increase safety and economic viability. The strategies he implemented have been recognized by the US Department of Justice and he authored a DOJ COPS Office toolkit to be used by departments across the US.  Jim is also a certified TIPS trainer.

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Molly Mastoras, MA, LPC


Molly Mastoras is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia. She has worked as an assistant program director for the Fairfax County Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court and as a social worker for the Fairfax County Office for Women. Molly has extensive experience working with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence in these settings as well as in private practice. Molly developed the Safe Night Proactive Alliance approach to help law enforcement agencies improve their ability to establish mutually beneficial relationships using counseling psychology. She also created the Safe Night Active Bystander sexual assault and harassment intervention training to implement in communities that wish to have improved safety and awareness.

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What is Best Bar None?


Best Bar None is an accreditation scheme which is aimed primarily at promoting responsible management and operation of alcohol licensed establishments.

It was piloted in Manchester, UK in 2003 and found to improve standards in the Evening and Night Time Economy, with bars and restaurants now competing to participate. It has since been adopted by 75 town and cities across the UK and is now being taken up internationally.

Safe Night LLC will develop polices and effective practices for your restaurant to help reduce liability and increase compliance with the law. We will also help you establish relationships with State and Local officials who can become resources for your business. 

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